Top 4 Flowers for Spring Weddings

Are all flowers created equal? Ask anyone, and a pretty flower is a pretty flower. But in reality, different flowers imbue various emotional meanings. While some flower types embody serenity and intimacy, others stand for grace and innocence. These rich emotional feelings are intimately connected to a range of fresh flowers you can buy from an online florist.

Due to these meanings and symbolisms, some flowers just fit better for a spring wedding. So what are some of the best flowers you can get for your upcoming wedding event? Ring the spring season in right by using one of the top four flowers for the season.


The magnolia is the quintessential spring flower. Its gorgeous bloom and massive petals are a sight to behold. Decorate the venue with bright white magnolias, and even consider having the bride hold a bouquet down the aisle.

The magnolia represents nobility and dignity. These symbols are connected to purity, which is what helps make them a staple for weddings.

Calla Lily

The Calla Lilly has this stunning and remarkable glow. Usually found in white and wrapped in satin, the calla lily is one of the de-facto choices for a springtime wedding.

It is often a popular choice for the groom. Their subtle elegance and comparatively small size makes them a wonderful complement as a small handheld bouquet. Like the magnolia, the calla lily is intimately connected with feelings of purity and innocence. The Virgin Mary is often pictured with calla lilies in her hands or in the frame, signaling her holiness and faith.


Due to the size of a typical Hydrangea bouquet, it is not often used as a held flower. Alternatively, the flower is a massive draw to the eyes, with its magnificent frame, thick and emboldened blooms, and varied light blues and whites. The hydrangea is an iconic centerpiece choice. The flower often represents gratefulness, which makes it perhaps the perfect tabletop addition.


Lilac is imbued with this sense of incredible and rich nostalgia, making it a perfect springtime wedding addition. The sweet and delightful smell is only one of the reasons to add it to the table. The lilac symbolizes burgeoning or early love. It’s a constant in spring weddings across the world.

The above flowers represent the refreshing nature of spring. They are all wonderful additions for your spring wedding, all offering a slightly different interpretation and spin on the classic feelings of eternal love, admiration, and beauty.

Choose one of these, or many others, to add even more vitality, love, and meaning to your upcoming spring wedding at FlowersandFreshness.

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